5 Spanish Fashion Trends Every “Chica” Should Embrace This Summer

“She must be American,” says a Spaniard watching a study abroad student run through the streets of Madrid in flip-flops, and what appears to be ten-year old pair of ratty, grey leggings. Ding, Ding the Spaniard is correct! Often, it is easy to distinguish between who is European and who is American by one’s wardrobe. It is indisputable that fashion in Europe greatly differs from that of the United States, and trends often appear in Europe before making their way across the pond. Don’t wait a year or more for European fashion to arrive in the United States – instead, set the trend with these iconic Spanish styles.

1. Animal Prints

Fashions trends come and go, but animal prints will always be a wild statement. From zebra to snakeskin, Spaniards are prowling the streets with daring looks. Be bold and join the zoo crew by embracing a plethora of fabrics and styles this summer.

2. Flared Trousers

The infamous seventies, flared pants have resurfaced, and in many new styles! Whether they are trousers, jeans or cropped pants, the flare look has stood the test of time, giving old styles a modern and picture-perfect twist.

3. Plaid Blazers

Screen Shot 2019-04-27 at 1.37.31 PM
Spaniards work hard and play harder, making a plaid blazer perfect for either a Saturday night out or a Monday morning in the office. Do it all and blaze your way into any occasion with this unstoppable, casual, yet chic look.

4. Versatile Scarves

Versatile Scarves
The most versatile fashion item of this season—scarves, a simple solution to upgrade any look! Scarves work with almost any hairstyle, making it easy to wear it around your neck, head or in your hair. This trend is easy and affordable, making it an essential accessory for all.

5. Platform Shoes

Platform Shoes
Platform shoes elevate any look, simultaneously raising people’s confidence and height. Coming in sandals, sneakers and booties, a platform shoe will add an undeniable charm to your outfit that will carry you from the beach to a dinner or a meeting!


Don’t perpetuate the American stereotype of a “hot mess” with a dull (and dare I say, sloppy) wardrobe. Instead, be a trend-setter and embrace the iconic fashion of a different culture! This season, Spanish styles will turn heads at any occasion, effortlessly upgrading your every look.



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