Fitness and College: A Hopeless Venture?

For many people, exercise is nonexistent in college. Students often leave their workout regimes at home in exchange for a beer and long nights on Fortnite. This may come as a shocker, but those gruesome track or soccer practices after school actually kept you in shape. It is without a doubt that exercise can and will increase your energy levels, so ditch the second cup of coffee and consider these fit-tips instead:

Use a Fitness App

While counting calories can be tedious, using apps like “My Fitness Pal,” can be a productive and easy way to learn more about the right amount of nutrients and macros your body needs. There are also a multitude of exercise apps that can send you a reminder to squeeze in a 15 min ab workout (or more). “Sweat” is a great app that provides a variety of workouts, with or without equipment.


From meal prep to blocking out consistent times to workout throughout the week, planning is key. End the excuses. There is absolutely enough time to work out for 30-60 minutes a day, three or four times a week. If you can’t take this small amount of time for yourself, then there are bigger issues here that should be addressed (but we don’t judge). You will never have the time if you don’t make the time. So, add working out and meal planning to your Google calendars!

Motivating Playlist

Have an entire playlist that hypes you up so much you feel no pain in that final set of your workout. The power of music is undeniable and will get you through the end of that cardio workout or at any point when you feel like giving up. It gives you the final push you need to succeed! Think about it, cranking out one or two more reps every workout will add up over the course of the semester!

Finding music can be difficult, so try searching for an already existing playlist. Go on Youtube, type in “motivational music for working out”, and see what comes up.

Workout Gear

Investing in clothes that make you feel good will inspire you to work even harder. You don’t have to splurge on high-end brands, but a few good articles of clothing will give you the confidence you need to get outta bed and into the iron paradise!

If you really want to get fit in college, it’s important that you make and take the time every day to do something for yourself. Your mental health is just as important as your physical. Eventually, the steps that you are taking now will seamlessly become a routine. You will develop a positive life habit that will last long beyond your time in the classroom. Get up, get active, and crush your goals all 2k19!

This article was originally published on the “Stunited” blog. “Stunited” is an app founded by Rowan University graduate, John Rondi that strives to bridge the gap between academics and social media by providing an outlet for students to match, message, and connect.

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