BABE Wine Reminds Us the Reason of Pride SZN

Love wine and Pride? Read on, my friend. 

Though difficult to imagine, there was once dancing, singing and marching in the streets. Glitter coated skin accompanied rainbow outfits and flags. People cried and laughed, often at the same time. Members of the LGBTQ+ community united, with their allies, in order to celebrate acceptance, diversity and love. Love is love. Period.

As our world slowly begins to reopen, embraces are now preempted with hesitation, and smiles have disappeared all together due to the ongoing necessity of face covering. Pride 2020 looks different. But, remaining the same is the celebration of the LGBTQ+ identities.  Though unable to physically gather, we each have a responsibility to reflect and demand change, while embodying love and acceptance in order to forge a better reality and world. And that duty especially extends to businesses!

In recent years, corporate social responsibility has gained a lot of traction, as it should. But, often companies will do the bare minimum, failing to explicitly express how funds will be allocated. But, not BABE. Yes, I am referring to the wine company that is currently taking over IG and the ultimate go-to drink for this summer.

This past week, BABE launched their Pride 2020 campaign with a heart warming video (see below). The company reached out to the parents of noted LGBTQ+ social media personalities in an effort to remind us all “of the reason for the season.” The video features QWOC couple, Alayna and Taryn, as well as Aaron and Austin Rhodes, who famously came out to their father on YouTube in 2015, which has since garnered over 27 million views.

Let me just say, the video is exactly what I didn’t know I needed atm.

The best part? Consumers can now share who they’re proud AF of by tagging a friend or family member in the comments. For each comment on IG or retweet on Twitter, BABE is dedicated to donating $1 (up to $15,000 total) towards LGBTQ+ organizations Love on a MissionThe Center, and Marsha P. Johnson Institute.

Be sure to check out the above organizations and support the BABE Pride campaign because this is the sh*t that matters. And remember that when shopping, research the organizations that corporations support. BABE has made it super EZ for all of us to uplift 3 incredible platforms, so do your part and SHARE.

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