20 Summer Wedding Colors Cuz We All Need Something to Look Forward To

Picture this: You get engaged. Then you and your boo pick a date for your wedding during your favorite season—spring! Then, the next thing you know, the world is hit with a global pandemic and plans go haywire. You’re no longer leaving your house, let alone hosting an event for 100+ people to celebrate this milestone. So, you reschedule. Sure, it’s annoying, but on the scale of all the dire things happening across the globe, it’s a pretty minor problem.

Now it’s time to pick your summer wedding color palette, and I wanna help! Turns out, another part of this whole ~global pandemic thang~ is that, if you’re lucky enough (🙏) to stay healthy, you suddenly have a lot of time on your hands. So here’s my wedding gift to you. (Sorry, I simply don’t know where you guys are registered.) Behold: From classic neutrals to bright floral-inspired hues, here are the best color schemes for your summer wedding.

Read the full article here.

This article was originally published for Cosmopolitan Magazine.

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