30 High School Graduation Gifts That’ll Show Them You’re Really (No, Really) Proud

So you’ve received the ceremony invite and picked out a cute outfit to wear. Now, you just need a gift for the high school graduate. Despite the confusing and simultaneous feelings of happiness and sadness, it is an exciting time to commemorate a monumental moment in their life. As they prepare to say goodbye to this chapter and hello to a fresh start, they deserve the best gifts only.

Of course, they’ll appreciate you sliding a few bucks into a card. But if you want to give them something that feels extra special, don’t overthink it. A practical present—like a life-changing book—will guide them in the all-too-soon future. Or you could treat ’em to a fancy fragrance or luxe makeup item, before the realities of the real world start to hit.

It’s been a long four-year journey, but hopefully these keepsakes will make up for all of the sleepless nights studying.

Read the full article here.

This story was originally published for Cosmopolitan Magazine.

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